Thursday, August 31, 2006

If I had a hammer...

So. Apparently I look like a 15-year-old!

I went into Wilkinsons today, to buy a hammer. I wanted to hang a picture, so I needed some picture hooks and a hammer as I lack even the most fundamental of tools. So there I am, perusing the fine selection of hammers available at Wilkinsons, when I'm approached by a security guard. "You want something from there?" He asks with unnecessary incredulity.

"Yes, I want a hammer."

"What you want a hammer for? You got ID?"

"ID? For a hammer?"

"Yes, ID, you have ID?"

I have a brief flick through my bag. "No, I don't have ID. But I'm 25. I didn't think I'd need ID. Especially just to buy a hammer."

"Well, it's the law that they will ask you for ID if you try to buy that. It's against the law. We have to ask for ID."

"Well, I'm 25," I insist, somewhat taken aback to say the least. "Anyway, it says there that ID may be asked for if you're trying to buy knives, blades or solvents. It doesn't say anything about hammers."

"Hammers are weapons. You could hammer someone over the head with them."

"Yes, but it doesn't say on the notice that you need ID to buy a hammer, it doesn't say there's an age restriction on that."

"You need ID."

"Fine, I'll get my hammer somewhere else."

And I did. Woolworths, as a matter of fact. And the lady who served me there didn't bat an eyelid when I placed my hammer on the counter in front of her. What is up with the world?

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yvonne said...

I've never heard of such a thing! ID? FOR A HAMMER?!