Friday, September 22, 2006

The politics of friendship

My friends are nagging me to go out with them tomorrow night. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my friends and love spending time with them, but there are two major flaws in their plan.

First of all, I am broke. Seriously broke. They have offered to lend me money, but it's a bit dodgy borrowing from friends isn't it? Plus, I am a nightmare for impulse buying and spending beyond my means and it's about time I had a word with myself and only spent money I actually have. (It's gonna be tough, but I'm gonna try!)

Secondly, the are going to a town near me, that I wasn't going to name, until I realised that I've tagged my two nearest train stations at London Bloggers so my location is hardly a secret. Even less so now that I've just announced to the Internet where they can discover my nearest two if you'd want to anyway.

Okay, that was a bit of a crazy run on sentence wasn't it? I'll try to do better.

Anyway, so my friends are planning on going to Bromley. Ugh. Why? Why? Why? Would anyone want to go to Bromley on a Friday night? Bromley is the nearest town to us with anything vaguely resembling a club, although in this instance these premises are best referred to as "the fiery meat markets of Hell". The only reasonable alternative for a night out beyond sitting in a pub (which, by the way, I'm more than amenable to, pubs are good, if not too smoky!) is London, which, although it isn't far, does tend to cost the gross domestic product of a small country if you want a good night out.

Not improving much with the run on sentences. And I allege to be good at English. Pah!

So yeah, I love dancing. A good night out dancing is one of my favourite things. But I don't do it often because London is expensive and Bromley.....O Bromley, why must you be so wretched?

Maybe it's because I'm getting old now (or older at least), but Bromley on a Friday night just does not hold the appeal it used to. I don't know if I've changed or if it has. It's possibly a little bit of both. But these are some of the thrills you can look forward to on a night out in Bromley:
  • Being groped, fondled or otherwise inappropriately touched on several many occasions
  • Breathing air composed entirely of cigarette smoke and evaporated sweat
  • Being surrounded by 14 year old girls in boob tubes and skirts that show their buttocks
  • Being surrounded by chavs, as this is what the majority of the population of Bromley is comprised of
  • Having at least one person drunkenly fall on you
  • Wondering what would happen if someone committed a crime somewhere other than the High Street as the entire Metropolitan Police force of Bromley gathers to deal with the drunken fights.
  • Having overpriced, greasy kebab-shop wares flung at you for no reason (yes this actually happened to me once)

Understandably I really have no desire to go, but I don't want to offend my friends or have them think that I look down on their choice of venue. If they want to go, they are welcome to and I won't judge them for it. I just don't have the temperament to stand it without getting irritated. I hope they can appreciate my feelings and not think I'm weird for preferring to spend my Friday night alone in front of the telly, than amongst drunken idiots (other patrons, not my friends - haha).


Anonymous said...

'sings' there maaay be trouble aheeeaddd


bromly sounds like a real treat

yeah london sounds better.

i am gonna buy u that teeshirt from david and goliath,
are you stalking me!? -because that would be really cool.

Mom101 said...

Don't borrow money from friends unless it's with the explicit understanding that "borrowing" doesn't always mean repaying. Then you're good. Think of it entertainment grant. In the end, karmically, it all evens out one day.

Thanks for the nice comment at my place - and hey, the blogroll mention too! Nice to meet someone facially pierced. It makes me feel cool by association.

Fiona said...

Ergh no no no bromley. Not that I've ever been there but I know the TYPE of place and no way would that be a good night out! xx