Friday, November 10, 2006

Commercial Breakdown Part II

Apart from the fact that my televisual viewing is now swamped by irritatingly saccharine scenes of children rushing down the stairs on Christmas morning to gleefully tear the wrapping off some highly overrated toy and every shop promising the lowest prices, there are a couple of adverts that are irritating the snot out of me right now. And I just can't keep it in any more. Something has to be said:

Kerry. Kerry, Kerry, Kerry. Please get off my screen. You may have won I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, but frankly, who cares? I would rather scratch my own eyes out with a pencil than have to witness another painful explanation of why "mums go to Iceland". I guess we all love a good trainwreck and you amply provided such after your split from Brian McFadden, but watching you exercise your somewhat limited acting abilities over a pack of buy-one-get-one-free spring rolls is like actually climbing inside said trainwreck and stepping dismissively over the strewn bodies.

It's fine for Jamie Oliver to promote Sainsbury's. It makes sense - he's a chef. And Prunella Scales did a good job for Tesco a few years back as that amusing yet slightly irritating mother-in-law. But Kerry, nothing puts me off shopping in Iceland more than your nasally whine and apparent orgasms over the stocky guy in overalls who delivers your weekly shop in his "cool van". (Just FYI, Kerry, a van that has Iceland emblazoned on the side - not exactly a hot set of wheels.)

Bottom line, Kerry, you just don't pull off the down-to-earth mum that Iceland seems to want to present. Instead you come across as a desperate wannabe who had her 15 minutes of fame, did her time in rehab and now will do anything to stay on TV. Please, just stop.

The other ad that makes my flesh want to crawl off my body is for Bisto's new cooking sauces. I get what they're trying to do. It's a fact that not nearly enough British families sit down for a meal together regularly. And I do believe that a lot of the problems in our society stem from the family. I don't believe, however, that coming together over a pot of chicken and Bisto sauce is going to cure society's ills. The various children's voiceovers talking about how they want "Dad home from werrrrk, on time" and "Our holideh in Majorceh" grate like nails on a blackboard and the whole thing comes across as completely patronising. Because we never realised that families were supposed to eat together. Thank you Bisto, we could never have figured that out on our own. Please tell us more. Any ideas on the war in Iraq?


Marmite Breath said...

I (unfortunately) read about Kerry all the time in The Sun (I can't believe I read it either!). She sounds like her life has been a bit of a train wreck. I just wish she could rise above it. Her mother sounds like the absolute WORST!
And I have such a soft spot in my heart for Bisto that I won't hear a word said against their ads! *sob* Bisto is very much beloved and treasured in this family. :)

nutty erin said...

Yea poor Kerry. I know what its like to have a pain for a mother. Hands off Bisto - its part of our national heritage lol!

starrynite said...

Well, I like Bisto too, but what was wrong with those good old "Ahhhhhh, Bisto" adverts? They were great.

And Kerry Katona just does my head in. I totally feel for her, but she is one irritating woman. Hehe

Erin said...

Hey, what do you think? Do you think that if you was that desperate you would advertise for Iceland or suchlike? Well do you? :-)

starrynite said...

Nope, it'd be Marks and Sparks or nothing. LOL!