Monday, January 08, 2007

Delurk or Nunzilla will get you!!!

Today is the start of De-Lurking Week. For those of you who don't know, lurking is when you read someone's blog but don't comment....yeah, I'm looking at you!

I figured since I'm asking you all to comment, I should try and produce something comment-worthy, and so I present you with a random collection of pictures, videos and anecdotes that, at the very least, will make you think (in the style of Chandler Bing), "Could this BE any more random?"

Here is a video of the Christmas present I bought for Ali. Presenting.....NUNZILLA!

And here is a little sample of what Ali bought me for Christmas. As you can see I have already put them to good use!

Yes, she bought me bath crayons! They are cool! And I am SO not artistic hehe.

Last night I played Articulate with Ali and some other friends. If you've never played it before it is VERY funny. It involves describing a word on a card to your team. Some classic lines were uttered such as:
"You rob a....?"

"Swiss people wear them on their feet."
"YES!" (NB, Dutch people wear clogs.)

"Women have it."

Ali and I also spent part of the evening playing with our friend Colette's neice, Deanna, who decided that she was Pegasus, I was Hercules and Ali was Meg. That was, erm, fun. Also she found 10p in her tights. Yes, I am the queen of the completely surreal evening.

Tonight I went out with Ali again and we saw It's a Boy/Girl Thing which really is as dire as it looks. The highlight, however, was Ali singing along to I Think We're Alone Now (how could Girls Aloud cover such a classic song?) and absolutely belting it out at the moment the volume of the music on the film dropped to allow for dialogue. Fortunately for Ali there were only about 7 other people in the cinema. But they all heard. And laughed. We were the oldest people in there by about 8 years too! The shame!

Also, look:

I finished my Education Studies assignment. One. Day. Early! Woohoo!


steve said...

I once gave a friend of mine a Nunzilla for Christmas, not knowing that her dad was a very devout Catholic. She thought it was awesome, but her dad was highly offended. Which made her love it all that much more.

The power of Nunzilla.

Kait said...

Ooh! Look! It's a pretty brochure! Excellent job.

Oh my goodness, that's too funny about singing in the theater when the volume dropped.

I'll put that on my list of Don't Pay Full Price For... :)

Ali said...

SO!! woo a comment from Ali, the best bit about your blog today was the fact that I am in nearly every surreal moment woo go Ali LOL laughed alot as I read it, LOVE LOVE LOVE the picci with your bath crayons hehe xx

(posted by Laura on behalf of Ali, who can't seem to figure out how to use complex things like comment boxes. Hahahahahaaaaaaa!)(Just kiddin' love ya really.)