Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And so it begins...

Yes, the packing has begun. I have spent most of the day doing it and what do I have to show for that? Six boxes. Which doesn't seem like very much in the grand scheme of things. Particularly as I look round my flat and realise just HOW MUCH STUFF I HAVE! WHAT IS WITH ALL THE STUFF? SURELY I CAN'T POSSIBLY NEED IT ALL? AND HOW WILL I EVER PACK IT?

Okay, enough with The Crazy and on with the grind. Overall, I am pleased that I have had a productive day as we all know what I'm like with the procrastination and the staying in bed til noon on my days off. Well, I'll have you know I was up before nine today. Before! Nine! On my day off! Well, I was impressed with myself.

I went into town, got some stuff done and bought some more bin bags because I just know I will need plenty this week as I am bound to find loads of stuff that can and should be thrown out. And I packed six boxes. Of course they are six boxes I can barely lift myself, but that's why you should always employ the talents of some fairly strong boys come moving day. I will be liberally inviting all and sundry from the church student and 20s contact list to come and help at my "moving party".

(See what I did there? Clever huh? Call it a party and they'll come running!)


RWA said...

A "moving party". That's a great idea.

I just paid a couple of students at the university where I work $50 each to come out and carry my heavy stuff.

Nick said...

That title sounded suspiciously like a fictional television ambassador I am fond of. Do you know what a vorlon is?