Thursday, February 01, 2007

A poignant moment

Ethel - my little car - had her last day on the road yesterday. We went for a little drive last night. It was nice.

This would be proof that I have far too much time on my hands if it weren't for the fact that actually I have a ridiculous amount to do. This is in fact proof that I am a procrastinator extraordinaire, but seriously, how much more fun is it to make a satyrical memorial video for your car than, say, write a justification for a lesson plan or a reflective commentary on a maths problem?

Yes, I am well aware that I am probably the only person who finds this funny!

I am such a geek!


RWA said...

That is outstanding!

And, I would have to agree that it must be much more fun to do that than those other things you were talking about ("a justification for a lesson plan"????).

starrynite said...

Yup, a lot of our assignments are not only to write at least 2 lessons plans but also to justify exactly what we have put in the lesson plans. Fun huh?!

Katie Ann said...

I almost teared up :) I wish Ethel a happy ending! I read your testimony, touching, *hug*!
BTW, I found you thru a comment at amalah's.

jodester said...

poor little car.

xxx xxx x