Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Once again my uni surpasses itelf!

It has been a crazy week. I had Dorthe staying until Friday and the weekend has gone in a complete blur, so much so that I got very confused when my alarm went off this morning and I really wasn't sure what day it was. I am up to my ears in coursework and, of course, I'm off to Denmark in a few days (we leave Saturday!) and before then I also have to do things like get money changed up and make sure I have everything I'll need for a week in a foreign country.

Despite being so busy last week and feeling the constant pressure to entertain my guest, I did manage to grab a couple of hours whilst the exchange students were in school to get my RE assignment done. None of our assignments we have at the moment are due in until April, but RE seemed the simplest so I thought I'd get that thousand words out the way so I could concentrate on the other 5,500 (and the children's book) I have to write before the end of April.

This week is 'Themed Week' at uni. I'm pretty sure it's more or less a time killer between the two exchange weeks, but whatever, it means we're only in uni two days this week and I'm pretty happy about that. Yesterday was a day off so I spent a good portion of the day writing notes for my English Diversity and Change essay. This morning I came in early, all ready to hand in my RE, just needing to print a header sheet off the student portal as all work must have a personally-barcoded header sheet attached to it so it can be scanned in and they can print you a receipt incase they, you know, lose your work - which actually seems to happen far more than you'd suspect.

HOWEVER, the joyousness of my university is that it seems to delight in irritating the life out of me. So of COURSE, the one header sheet (and the only one) not available on the portal at the moment is the RE one. TYPICAL!!!

Oh well, I'm off to pick up my plane ticket to Denmark in a little while. Scary!


Fi said...

Have fun in Denmark, am jealous! I can't believe you can hand in your RE work before it's due!!! What luxury!

RWA said...

Denmark, huh? That sounds like fun.

Good luck with the RE thing. Isn't that how it always works out - the thing you really need is the one that isn't available?

Snickrsnack Katie said...

Denmark! Sounds awesome! My mother and sister are about to jet off to the U.K., actually - they are spending a week and a half in England and Scotland. I wish I were going - as I would love to meet you! Maybe next time I will go along with them!

Have fun in Denmark!

FTN said...

You haven't posted in ages... Are you still alive? Or did you move to Denmark permanently? :-)