Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Footballers have problems too! Who knew?

(Sorry about the subtitles. Only decent copy I could find.)

I have seen this advert twice recently and both times I have felt...well...sickened really.

Honestly, what do Adidas' advertisers think they are doing sticking this sort of rubbish on our screens? I mean really, I know I find hope in the fact that David Beckham can get over what happened in 1998. After all, tripping an opposing player in a moment of adolescent-type stroppiness really is a "dark time". I don't know why people moan about their lives, when really none of us have experienced anything as awful as that. There is a lot of suffering in this world - people are abused, hurt, beaten, lose those they love and experience overwhelming depressions - but Becks knows what it's like to sink to the depths, after all, he did cry for almost 5 or 10 whole minutes! That is true despair. I can't even imagine how awful it must have been for him to cry for that long. And only have his millions of pounds and wife to comfort him.

I really have no idea what kind of idiot came up with the concept for this commercial but they seriously need their head examining.


RWA said...

That may be the worst commercial I have ever seen. What on Earth were they thinking?

FTN said...

Wow, tough times. I'm standing up, applauding Becks right now, after watching that. With a tear in my eye. What an inspiration to us all. [/sarcasm]

Miss B said...

Glad to see you back - hope you had an enjoyable break :)

Me said...

I disagree. (Is that allowed?)

Beckham's millions were not guaranteed, especially after that game with Argentina. The following year he did turn things around, and he did earn the respect of fans and journalists alike.

Yes, the fact that he has become uber-succesful at exploiting his image, and that he has let Adidas exploit his story is 'unfortunate', but I still respect him. (Is that okay, too?)


starrynite said...

It's certainly allowed to disagree. I'm not going to forbid you your opinion - I don't have the right.

I see your point, but still think that Beckham seriously over-exaggerates in the Adidas commercial.

It's a shame you haven't actually made yourself contactable via these comments too.

Nick said...

I do like the following advert though:

It's remarkably self aware yet sarcastic advert considering it is an American one... hats off: