Friday, May 25, 2007


Tut! It's been a week again. Bad blogger!

It's been a heavy week, because I've been working my butt off to get my last assignment done in between shifts at work.

But behold! 'Tis complete!! (Although technically I also have to finish off the 750 word rationale that is supposed to accompany it, but shhhh.)

My book

It took ages to get it to look right and stupid Publisher was annoying me because it refused to print without white borders (why? WHY?? Probably now someone will comment telling me exactly how I could have overcome that particular difficulty).

My book

But actually, Publisher was nothing - N.O.T.H.I.N.G - compared to the problems I had at the copy shop! For one thing I was charged an unbeliveable amount of money which, despite me having shown them my student card, I don't believe for one second they actually gave me the discount, but just tried to get as much money out of me as possible.

My book

Not only that, but because the Publisher issue meant I had trimmed the edges and therefore the double pages were slightly less than A3, the kid who served me copied them so that the pages didn't actually align on each side. When I went back he reckoned he was going to charge me again, but I nearly broke down in hysterical tears and the new copies came free of charge after all. Of course, this was after I showed him how, if you line the fold in the centre of the page up to the halfway mark both times, then both sides will be aligned. How clever! What genius! How ironic that I apparently know more about photocopying than someone who actually works in a photocopying shop, who told me that the only way to line it up was to scan it into a computer and print it out at £10 A SIDE! and that if he didn't push the paper right into the corner of the photocopier it wouldn't copy. SURPRISE! It did. Clearly I am a photocopying genius and should give up my teaching career to join the lofty heights of copying. Judging by what they charged me, I probably would actually make more money!

My book


RWA said...

Wow! You did that all by yourself - the illustrations and everything?

That is very impressive.

Sorry that the copy store guy was so difficult to deal with, though.

starrynite said...

Yeah, all by myself. Thanks. I was quite proud :)

Anonymous said...

looks good missus


funny sparky said...

Well done you, I bloody hate Publisher, unfortunately its the only programme I have for any form of writing on this laptop, don't have Word! So can empathise with you on that one!

Snickrsnack Katie said...

Wow, Laura, that is amazing. I would love a copy of your book! Are you selling it?

starrynite said...

Thanks Katie, that would be pretty cool, but at the moment it's a one-off.

MAYBE, if I get a good mark for it, I might see if it's publishable....we'll see.

But thanks for being so impressed :)

Two Write Hands said...

Don't be too miffed about the copying--the book is gorgeous.

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