Saturday, October 07, 2006

Maybe crusts do make your hair go curly

You know, when I was a baby, my hair had a subtle wave to it. It was never curly, but it might have been described as wavy. By the time I was three it was more or less straight. From 5 onwards it was dead straight. Poker straight. See exhibits 1 - 3:

Exhibit 1: Top infants school photo

Exhibit 2: Me playing twister aged 8

Exhibit 3: Me at New Year's aged 22

I was always a fussy child and refused to eat the crusts off my sandwiches, despite my mum telling me "They're the best bit!" No kid believes an adult when they tell them that. My friend used to tell me they make your hair go curly. I think that was supposed to encourage me to eat them, but it put me off even more. I didn't really believe it, but I thought well if it was true it gave me even more reason not to eat them, because I liked my straight hair thankyouverymuch!

The weird thing is that about a year or so ago, I noticed that my hair, which I usually tended to let air dry, wasn't exactly dead straight any more. Okay, so I'd usually tie it back when it was wet, but not always. I bought a hair dryer, but I just couldn't get it to really dry straight straight. In the end I bought hair straighteners, which I love and couldn't live without and for the most part I wash my hair, blow dry it and straighten it all at the same time (not literally at the same time, obviously, but one after the other when I wake up in the morning).

But from time to time I've let it just air dry after washing it and OMG. It is really quite curly now. How did that happen?

Exhibit 4: Me half an hour ago


Katya said...

You're super cute! I had a friend in highschool who had straight hair until she had surgury for something (don't know what it was), and then it started to grow in curly/wavy. Weird.

I like your hair how it is! :)

ps. I still can't eat the crusts on bread. It makes me gag.

Anonymous said...

ahhh its the surgury that must have dun it!



Silver said...

Hair is a strange thing - but the waves look cute on you ;)

Nick Payne said...

When I was born I had a mass of black hair... within a year it was golden blonde like a lion's mane... in fact, mum refused to cut it so it looked just like a lion's mane... I think i may have pioneered the mullet!

Then when dad finally made mum cut my hair it went brown... which is ok... so long as it doesn't go grey... or just go! LOL!

FTN said...

Maybe it's the Krispy Kremes.