Friday, October 20, 2006

Portrait of the artist as Dorothy

Today has been a looooooong day. And I have been badly organised with my time and have just come home about half an hour ago and had to pack a bag because I'm going down to my mum's new house tomorrow straight from uni.

So I won't be around for a couple of days. I'll miss you guys!

Today was good, we had art and music. Both were fun. We had to take a photo of ourselves to art and as soon as our tutor started talking about self portraits I died a little inside, because, as you all witnessed yesterday, I am rubbish at drawing.

BUT, we weren't drawing, we were painting. And we had Van Gogh for inspiration and then had a variety of different paints to create different textures, eg. mixing with sand or sawdust or wallpaper paste and only the primary colours. It was brilliant and I was really pleased with the result, check it out!

So, I'm gonna be off for a couple of days now, but I'll see you all soon, hopefully with something interesting to say. Haha.


Kristen said...

Mine would've looked like the paint threw up on the canvas LOL. I am THAT BAD.

becca said...

Cool! I really like what you did there.

I can agree with Kristen... mine would have been awful!

Fiona said...

You need to put some eyes and a smiley face on it! Faces without features scare me! :) BUT, in spite of that, I like your painting. I think that's what my degree lacks.. more paint.

Oh, and hope you have had a nice time at your mums :) Hope you got spoilt with nice homecooking! xx