Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And who would have thought, it figures

Irony can kiss my butt.

Why on the day that I post about having not missed a single day of school do I end up with my head down the toilet? It's just not right.

I am sick. (In case that last paragraph did not make that clear.) So I should try to go to bed and hope I don't throw up again. Great!


Kristen said...

Yuck. I'm sorry you're tossing cookies. I hope you get your head out of the toilet soon. Sorry I've been missing, blogger has been mean and refuses to let me comment on anyone's blogs who has blogger. GRRR.

beka said...

Aww :( Hope you feel better, lovely! Get some rest!


Fiona said...

Hi, hope you are feeling better now! I absolutely loathe being ill and you have my sympathy :) xxx

Katya said...

Awww... I hope you feel better soon. Don't feel bad about feeling sick. It happens!