Friday, December 01, 2006

The things kids say

Heard yesterday, but then forgotten about until just now, when it made me chuckle again:

Chef (visiting the school to teach kids about healthy eating): Now, who can tell me what this is? (Holding up a melon)

Taylor: A tango!


The CEO said...

Hi, I am new to your blog. I come to you through Attention Whore in Alberta. I noticed you had a bit of a run in earlier with a few people. You may or may not know that you can block IP addresses in your template. I'm easy to find if you need a little help. Just drop by my blog and me e mail is prominently displayed.

I also recommend that you look into Rachel from North London's blog and another personal favorite of mine in Kent is The Pole Affair. Just to mention two outstanding English blogs.

Nice meeting you!

starrynite said...

Thanks. I am gonna leave it for a while, but if it proves to be a real problem I may look into it. Hopefully those people will realise they're not going to find whatever it is they want here.

Fiona said...

HAHAA if ever there was an example to exemplify how bad we are in this country with food. (Lessons! To learn how to eat fruit!)

Although! If he didn't mean it, that was a good, contemporary joke for a primary schooler! xx

starrynite said...

It would have been a great joke. Except he really did think there was a fruit called a tango.

As you can see I'm doing a great job as their teacher. Haha!