Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blah blah tired blah

I know. I'm totally slacking. But do you have any idea how tired I am? Man, I feel like I could sleep for a week! I slept really badly Saturday night and was just too exhausted to get any work done on Sunday, so I ended up going to bed at 6:30PM!! I set my alarm for 4:30 so I could get up early and get my work done then - which I did. But even getting up at 4:30 gave me, like, 10 hours sleep. And I am still exhausted and drifted off in front of The Simpsons tonight. What is wrong with me?

I don't have much interesting to say. Only two more days of school and then it's the holidays. I will be SO relieved and may just sleep for a week. Except for that pesky task of Christmas shopping that really has to be done at some point.

The kid's Christmas play went well. They looked really cute. Tomorrow we are decorating Christmas tree shaped boxes and making finger puppets. Aww. There's no real teaching to be done from this point on, so it should be a laugh. And we have our staff Christmas lunch tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to.

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to say then...


aliKat said...

HAHAHAHAHAH I never knew you could leave messages!! I know have a blogger display name hahahahaha I am so cool this is going to take over my life!! Although I am disappointed that our date to the cinema has not been published!! I am now ROFL hahahahaha im going now omego love ya x

starrynite said...

Hehe, sorry for not writing about that. Maybe tomorrow...you big dollop ;)

Kait said...

Awww... I know how it feels to accidentally fall asleep during your favourite program. Get some rest, pretty girl, so you'll get better.

I always loved the Christmas season when I was in grade school. All the learning stops, and you get to do fun stuff. Even if you're still doing math, you're adding candy canes, or whatnot.